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Operation Santa Claus 2022 New Update

With the weather noticeably warming up, you may recall, on a cooler, more drizzly day last December, our annual Operation Santa Claus (OSC) was held on a dreary but cheerful Friday afternoon. Our efforts and charitable spirit have now been acknowledged by RTHK and SCMP, the joint organizers of the fundraising event. Shung Tak Catholic English School has been recognized and awarded as the ‘Most Creative School Fundraiser’ this year. This award certainly demonstrates that our school has the common spirit of helping those in need as well as being creative in the methods of raising funds. Operation Santa Claus (OSC) is an annual charity campaign with the aims of making a difference in the community and to spread joy and goodwill. 15 local charities and organizations were chosen by RTHK and the SCMP as the beneficiaries of OSC 2022. In keeping with our STC tradition, we choose one of the 15 to focus on so that our students can gain more insights about the beneficiary. Pathways Foundation, who help local children with learning challenges complicated by dyslexia, was chosen by the Organizing Committee. After the charity’s visit and sharing at the school in December last year, our students and staff had a better understanding about the work of this organization and had a clearer picture of how the money raised would be utilized. The day was yet another one to remember. It was clearly seen in the enthusiasm and the way that both the PTA and student groups provided mouth-watering food for all participants; it was also seen in the many varied and fun game booths that had to be set up in the hall due to the wet weather; and it could be seen in our students’ faces as they were enjoying the festivities of the day and tucking into the tasty treats and delicious drinks. The festive and enjoyable atmosphere brought in a staggering HK$73,888 in support of OSC 2022. Well done, Shung Tak and thank you to all those responsible for making it run smoothly, effectively, and creatively! We hope you had an absolutely fantastic time at this year’s OSC@STC! The award is certainly the icing on the (Christmas) cake for the school!

Video Link of OSC Awards: Youtube Link

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