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OLE S4 Interest Class

The extra touch wight ECA Activities THE EXTRA TOUCH WITH ECA ACTIVITIES Fourth Formers have joined 6 lessons of extra-circular activities, from late October to early November. Based on interest, S.4 students were able to choose from 10 different activities. These included classes to help with language, that of Spanish; to skill classes like latte art class, guitar class and even a dart-throwing workshop. For those of us who wanted to give service, we can join the Social Service Group, Guidelight. To improve our knowledge, we had the hydroponics workshop, sign language class, and a STEM class. And for those who wanted that extra touch, we had the etiquette and cosmetology class. These classes all aimed to further enhance the generic skills of Shungtakians and explore their potential in different areas. Here is what Shungtakians felt: Spanish Class:Trilingual is never a full stop “Muy bien”—means “very good” in Spanish. Through lessons, students can learn simple vocabulary. “Picking up a new language must be hard” has always been a misconception for students. However, the statement has been proven wrong as can be seen from S4 students’ feedback. With interesting and interactive activities in lessons, students surely can have an unforgettable experience. Latte Art Class:Art and Life Most of the students have never tried latte art before. It may seem easy from the teacher’s demonstration, but it requires many techniques. Students felt satisfied when they were able to create art with milk on coffee and the best part was that they can enjoy a steaming hot coffee with their created masterpieces on top at the end of the class. Hydroponics Workshop :Life and Love Through lessons, students can have a short experience of being a farmer and giving birth to the life of new plants. They also had to nurture the seedlings. It was never easy keeping them hydrated and absorbing enough nutrients and sunshine. Although some seedlings died during the process, students can learn from their mistakes. Life can be vulnerable, but it can also be strong. With the growth of plants, students can learn a life lesson while enjoying a delicious harvest.

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