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MV Imitation Competition

Make Memories with Your Feet The pandemic has affected all of us. Fortunately, with the passage of time, we see improvements in the situation and things going back to the way they were. With this, many activities have resumed. And with this, the Dance Club had the chance to promote dance and bring joyful experiences to all schoolmates. In mid-December, we held the MV Imitation Competition. In the competition, students have to learn the choreography for the songs they can decide to do a whole creative and choreograph themselves. It was a pleasure to give our schoolmates an opportunity to challenge themselves and display their talent in dancing. Contestants certainly gained precious experience in how to perform well. The competition brought unforgettable memories to students, including the participants and the audience. Gleefully, our Club has created delightful moments for the schoolmates. We’ll do our best to continue promoting dance at school. Dance with us and enjoy each step along the way !

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