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MoA Joan Mir The Poetry of Everyday Life Exhibition

Exploring the Artistry of Joan Miró A Visit to HKMOA’s Exhibition – Angel Pun 5L

On March 31, we visited HKMOA and was able to enjoy the exhibition “Joan Miró – The Poetry of Everyday Life”. Perhaps first a bit about Joan Miró. Joan was a highly influential artist with a unique style and innovative approach which helped shaped the course of modern art. He was born in Barcelona and studied locally before moving to Paris. He is known for his unique blend of abstract forms and childlike imagery which reflects his belief that even every day, perhaps even boring objects can hold beauty and magic if viewed through the right lens.

During the exhibition, we were able to view many of Miró’s significant artworks and learn about his background story. We discovered more about Miró’s strong personal style and his love of using symbols in his artworks. He also used “second-hand” materials such as old pieces of paper, others’ paintings, and even dried leaves in his creations. Miró emphasized the idea of not treating the aim of painting as imitation. Taking this further he even used daily objects like dumbbells and pastry boxes through which he explored their potential by recolouring, cutting, and combining. The exhibition taught us how he discovered the beauty of everyday objects that people usually overlook. Joan Miró’s artwork showed us an artist who was willing to push the boundaries of what was possible.

Let us all continue to see art like Joan Miró did which is a way of connecting with the world and finding joy and freedom in everyday existence. May his work continue to inspire us and may we be able to carry with us his belief of playfulness, joy and creativity in all that we do.

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