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Metaverse Creators of Tomorrow Competition

Journey to VR Jurassic Park The audience is buzzing with excitement as the three students from Shung Tak Catholic English College, Chan Pui Hang, Jiang Kit Hoi, and Shum Ho Yeung, prepare to present their Metaverse creation at the Polytechnic University of Hong Kong. This extraordinary team from STC, who have taken on the challenge of creating a Jurassic Park in a VR environment, presented an immersive Jurassic Park experience in the metaverse. Their goal was to transport visitors back in time to a world filled with awe-inspiring dinosaurs. To achieve this extraordinary feat, the team combined cutting-edge virtual reality technology with detailed 3D modelling. The aim is for visitors to explore a realistic and dynamic environment, where they can witness dinosaurs roam freely in their natural habitats. Interactive elements are incorporated to the virtual Jurassic world to create an educational experience as well. Visitors can engage in activities like paleontological digs, where they uncover fossils and learn about the history of these magnificent creatures of Jurassic time. The metaverse creation of the STC trio has definitely ignited a passion for science and nature among visitors which in turn could inspire exploration and protection of our own world’s biodiversity.

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