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M Yayoi Kusama 1945 to Now

Discovering Yayoi Kusama’s World of Dots at M+ Museum – Samson Chan 5M The Visual Arts Department organized a visit to the M+ Museum on December 21 to see the works of Yayoi Kusama in the “Yayoi Kusama 1945 to Now” Exhibition. I was struck by the strong personal style of Yayoi Kusama that permeated the entire space. The exhibition was filled with dots which initially left me confused about their meaning. However, I soon learned they represented infinity, an abstract concept that fascinated Kusama and inspired much of her work. One of the prominent themes in Kusama’s artwork is death. Her fear during the war can be seen through her use of different puzzles to embody her feelings, creating a tight and oppressive atmosphere that resonated with us visitors. What impressed me most about Kusama’s art was her ability to express herself using a wide range of materials and techniques. She didn’t limit herself to colours and painting dots but also used newspapers, cutting them into dot shapes to create intriguing compositions. It’s no surprise that Kusama is considered a celebrated icon of Japanese art. Her experiences and how she fulfilled her life should be highly respected. Her art reflects her unique perspective on the world, and her willingness to explore abstract ideas sets her apart as one of the most fascinating artists of our time.

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