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Love and Life Talk

by Yoyo Mak

On May 3rd, we attended an OLE event featuring a lecture on love and life. The guest speaker was Sofie Cheung from the Hong Kong Catholic Marriage Advisory Council. At the beginning of the lecture, the host posed a question for us to vote on: “If you were to become pregnant while still in school, would you choose to keep or terminate the pregnancy?” I think for most of us still in secondary school, if we were ever faced with such a dilemma, we would probably decide on termination without hesitation, but do we really understand what has already been happening? Read on and you will know termination should never be an option. The lecture we attended was certainly an eye-opening one. We saw the harsh reality faced by a fetus during the abortion process.

As I watched the video, a profound sense of dread and fear overwhelmed me. The graphic footage showed a process characterized by unimaginable cruelty, culminating in the removal of the fetus from the mother’s body. Witnessing this video left me consumed with anger for those who would even think of taking on this procedure for their own convenience. And for the unborn child to pay for the mistake not even made by him/her is simply unforgivable. Life begins at conception. Regardless of the duration of gestation, terminating a pregnancy is tantamount to destroying a life, which also inflicts harm upon the mother’s body. It is imperative for all of us to understand the consequences of all actions we take. Let us educate ourselves and refrain from causing irreparable harm due to impulsive ignorance. Life is a gift from God, and we are never ever in the position to take that life away.

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