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Life is life, and love is the answer Emily Fung (5J)

On 5th September, the Catholic Society went to Yuen Long Catholic Secondary School to participate in a microfilm appreciation which was hosted by the Diocesan Pastoral Commission for Marriage and the Family, St. Gianna Prolife and Family Mission, and Ss. Peter and Paul Church. The event was very meaningful and we all learnt a lot from it.

We watched two episodes of the microfilm ‘Love Our Lives’. The first one is about abortion. The main characters in the microfilm have premarital sex and the girl become pregnant. The girl then decides to have an abortion. The second episode is about a woman who can’t give birth to babies because of having multiple times of abortion. This episode brought us on a journey of a couple overcoming difficulties and struggles, we all felt touched.

I like this microfilm because it delivers several moral messages, especially about abortion. After watching the microfilm, I understood that every single life is precious and we have no right to destroy any of them. When a new life is created, we should be thankful and protect it. We should not give up easily but respect all lives, including unborn babies. As mentioned at the end of the episode, it is better to send the babies to a foster home than taking away their chance to live.

I believe people should be more aware of the issue of abortion. This microfilm can definitely make more people notice that having abortion is not a good act of solution. I think more organisations can further promote this message so that fewer people will have abortion. Abortion is still quite common in many countries in the West so I hope more people will know the disadvantages of abortion but show respect to lives.

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