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Living Arts Society Club activity

The Mid-Autumn Festival which symbolizes would soon be upon us. This is the time of family reunion —- a day for friends and family to gather together, offer thanks for the fall harvest, and pray for longevity and good fortune. The Living Arts Society, in preparation for this Festival organized a Snowy Mooncake Workshop on 19th September. It was a very special experience for both the executives and the participants who got together to make the delicious treat. Everything went nicely as members worked together following the recipe step by step. The executives co-operated well and gave out clear instructions to participants. Together with an English teacher, Ms. Law, we finally got to see a ‘mooncake’ take shape in front of us, and then taste our delicious product. As we carefully packed the remaining mooncakes, ready to share them with our family at the Mid-Autumn Festival, a sense of accomplishment filled the room. In that moment, we couldn’t help but reflect on the invaluable learning experience and the profound teamwork lessons we had gleaned throughout the day.

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