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Katso Exchange Day 2021

By 3P Joe Sin

On 30th October (Saturday), I participated in the Catholic Society (Katso) Exchange Day, which is organised by the Diocesan Youth Commission. In this event, I got to meet a lot of Katso committees from other Catholic schools and we played games together! Also, through the activities, we shared some experiences and ideas of how we run the Society differently at schools and the duties of the committees. It really deepened my understanding of Katso!

To me, the most memorable moment of the Exchange Day was the survey. The question was: What does Katso mean to you? This is a very good question. Some students said that Katso is a religious group while some said that it is a society full of joy. In my opinion, Katso is a team for students to know God through the activities that we have organised at school.

In summary, this programme has benefited me greatly, and I learned a lot about Katso from other students as well.

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