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Inter house Cooking Competition

As the end of the academic year rolls to an end, what better way to end than with a cooking competition bringing together the four houses of St. Patrick, St. Peter, St. James, and St John? The culinary arts are a great way to showcase each house’s cooking and teamwork skills and the 29th May is when we had that treat of seeing the houses come together. The competition involved teams of four members from each house working together to cook a main dish (Southeast Asian) and a Chinese style dessert using only locally sourced ingredients. The teams had an hour and a half to prepare their meal and dessert, with judges from the school’s faculty including the Principal and five other teachers assessing each dish based on presentation, taste, and creativity. The teams worked collaboratively to ensure that their dish was prepared on time and to the highest standard. The competition offered a great opportunity for students to showcase their teamwork and culinary skills, as well as enhance their language and presentation skills as they had to introduce their dishes and desserts to the adjudicating team. Truly a yummy way to end the year!

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