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Hong Kong Primary Schools Mathematics Ability Competition 2022

First territory-wide Mathematics Competition by our school (5L Joe Cheung) In order to face the challenges in the 21st century and help students develop learning strategies, Shung Tak has successfully held the “Hong Kong Primary Schools Mathematics Ability Competition 2022” on the 12th November. 25 primary schools were invited to join and over 140 primary students attended this competition which aims to deepen students understanding of logical concepts such as numbers, sequences, permutations, and time. The event ultimately aims to improve young students’ inferential skills, logical thinking, organization, judgment and observation. Shungtakian helpers were given the opportunity to manage the competition and thereby develop their communication and organization skills. School tours were also provided for the visiting students so they could have more chances to get a better understanding of our campus. In addition to introductions to the different facilities, some of the extracurricular classes and the general atmosphere and activities from clubs and houses were mentioned to give them more knowledge about our school. All rounded learning experience for all, Shungtakians and primary school visitors alike.

Competition Website: https://www.stc.edu.hk/mac/

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