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Gospel Preaching Fun Fair 2022 in Hung Shui Kiu

“Go into the whole world and proclaim the gospel to every creature:” (Mark 16:15). The Catholic Society participated in the ‘Gospel Preaching Fun Fair 2022 in Hung Shui Kiu’, organised by the Parish of St. Jerome, held on our school campus. The meaningful and unforgettable experience for our fellow executive members came together as we of the Catholic Society to preach His loving care to the neighbourhood, set up two game stalls for visitors to come and learn the gospel through playing our games. We were also able to promote the Catholic core values of Truth, Justice, Love, Life and Family. For me personally, it was beneficial as I not only developed a lot of skills when working with other executive members to prepare for the day but also on the day as we needed to manage two different game booths at the same time, and teach people of all ages, from the very young to the old, how to play different games. The process was quite challenging, but the experience was fruitful and meaningful to me. One of the most memorable moments that I would like to share from the event is interacting with children and inviting them to answer questions. I thought that the children were too young to understand the messages of the gospel, yet they were active and engaging in the game and very good at hitting the target! By seeing the smile on their face, I can feel the pure joy of preaching the gospel. I am looking forward to hosting more upcoming events this academic with the Catholic Society and am ready to share His gospel with love.

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