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Food for Good Educational Vehicle

We got to experience the work of Food for Good which is a non-profit organization that was established in 2012 to work with different stakeholders, of which the schools is one, in the implementation of projects that is related to the reduction of food waste and the redistribution of food that can be eaten. The Food for Good Educational Vehicle was parked in our school on May 21st to allow us to learn more about food waste.

The truck included displays that taught us about how to classify different kinds of waste, how to handle leftovers, and even gave more information on the soon-to-be implemented MSW charge. Also, on offer were a 15-minute workshop, mini-games, and a chance to make our own mosquito repellents, which was not only fun but also a useful activity. Students learnt to make the repellent with natural resources and residues like Asiatic wormwood and coffee grounds.

S2J and S3L were invited to join this session during their lesson time and 4 students of the group were interviewed afterwards. During lunchtime, we were thrilled that some other students checked out the vehicle. Food for Good is surely an organization to support as we need to be sure that we can conserve our resources for all future generations.

Read more about their work on www.foodforgood.org.hk/en/

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