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Flag-hoisting ceremony at the Golden Bauhinia Square

By 4L Raymond Liu On 4th May 2023, the marching band of our school was in the spotlight as we were given the chance to be participants of the flag-hoisting ceremony at the Golden Bauhinia Square. The ceremony was a significant event marking the 104th anniversary of the May Fourth Movement. Band members arrived early in the morning, dressed in their crisp uniforms with instruments in hand. There was a strong sense of pride, patriotism and excitement as they awaited their showtime. The Ceremony began with a parade with the band playing a rousing rendition of ‘Ode to the Motherland’. which echoed throughout the square. The students’ performance was flawless, and their dedication and hard work were evident in every note they played. The Ceremony and being representatives have given us all a great sense of pride as we showed our love of country and school. We will cherish the memories of this day for years to come as it was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Lessons of patriotism, hard work, and dedication were what band members returned to our school with. We have all a renewed sense of pride and a deeper appreciation for our country and its rich history.

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