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On the 14th of April, 39 English Ambassadors participated in the Tai O Cultural Tour which saw them visit and explore the Tai O and Ngong Ping areas on Lantau. The trip was a reward for their service as members of the English-for-All Days English Ambassadors Team and the school sponsored part of the fees for the trip. On this trip, the Ambassadors had a chance to ride the Ngong Ping 360 cable car, have a guided tour of Tai O, and climb the steps to the Big Buddha while visiting Po Lin Monastery. They saw the stilt houses and walked across the different bridges in Tai O. They even had the chance to take part in the process of making salted eggs, a traditional product of Tai O. During the tour, the Ambassadors were divided into groups and each group had to do research on certain attractions prior to the trip. They then had to introduce these destinations and attractions to all the other Ambassadors. We all learnt a great deal about the bridges in Tai O, Ngong Ping Village, and the Big Buddha, to name a few. Do you know how many steps you need to climb to get to the base of the Big Buddha? A lot! It was a truly rewarding and fulfilling experience for the English Ambassadors. We hope that this reward can encourage them to double their efforts in maintaining and enhancing the English-centric atmosphere in Shung Tak.

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