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Elderly Visitation at Long Ping Estate

Embodying the core value of empathy, the school volunteer team, Permeance, brought together with other fellow Shungtakians visited the elderly in Long Ping Estate. With the expert advice and help from the Yuen Long Caritas District Elderly Centre, we had chances to meet and chat with the elders in the estates, handing out gifts including rice and even flowers as we celebrated Mother’s Day. This was a valuable experience for us students to connect with individuals we rarely talk to. Chatting with them made us realize that the lives of the people of the previous generations were filled with hardships. Yet it seems that they had vivid and very fond memories of the times. The smile emulating was deep and so very genuine. Simplicity leads to happiness, is what they taught us. Just a few fish for their fish tank or spending a bit of time with their children can already give them a great sense of joy. For the few who bore sorrowful stories, we were there to offer support and encouragement. Remember it is never too late to do your part for our community. Take the first step and you too can find a great sense of joy and accomplishment from giving back. Keep yourself updated with future events organized by Permeance.

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