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Easter Prayer Service 2023

By 3J Harvey Wong

March was a month of Life. I assure you that everyone has learnt much about the meaning of life through the morning prayer sharing and OLE periods that took place in the month. Among all, the Easter Prayer Service inspired me the most. How fragile and vulnerable can lives be? Dr. Vansie Kwok is a pediatric anaesthesiologist at Hong Kong Children’s Hospital, and she has helped and saved countless children’s lives from death, suffering, and pain. Despite how experienced she is, there were still moments when she could not help but to see lives pass away. This got me thinking about how priceless life is and how we treat lives in a casual way that we don’t even notice. We tend to take everything for granted. We are given birth, resources, love, and care from the people around us. These things seem so insignificant that we just overlook how valuable they are. Is it really appropriate for us to always get what we want without any conditions? Of course, living in a world without pain and misery would be the most wonderful miracle we could ever have. It’s never too late to treasure our lives by giving them colours. Think about the blessings in our lives. Even the tiniest ones that don’t seem to be worth mentioning, we can still be thankful for those. Try to change your attitude and perspective, and stop complaining that you haven’t had enough of what you want. It’s our greatest luck to be able to live with joy and without pain all the time. I particularly like the motto Dr. Vansie shared with us: “Life isn’t about waiting for the storm to pass, it’s about learning to dance in the rain.” We may think life is difficult, and with every obstacle that comes our way, we end up being devastated and see life as something pointless. And these thoughts always lead to the option of giving up. However, please don’t waste this beautiful gift that God has given us. At least we are alive to be able to dance in the rain, right? Still, these encouraging words can be cliche if you don’t take any action to treasure lives. Remember YOU are the ones who give lives their meaning! For more photos, please click on the link: Google Drive

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