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Director s Talk Sunshine of My Life

Sunshine of My Life “Sunshine of My Life” is a semi-autobiographical drama depicting the life of a teenage girl whose parents are both blind. The producer and the director of the film, Miss Judy Chu Fung Han, shared her inspirations for the film and her journey while pursuing her dream. A short film “Undernourished?”, which was also produced by Miss Chu, was played in the Lecture Theatre for S.2 students on 3rd March in the OLE period. “Undernourished?” shares a similar synopsis with “Sunshine of My Life” telling a story of a young girl who grows up in a family with visually impaired parents. The short film showcases the parents’ optimistic view towards life despite their disabilities and highlights the importance of having a positive mindset while facing struggles in life. Disability does not define one’s ability. The director’s main message to Shungtakians is ‘having a positive attitude towards life is the key to success’. Ms. Chu also went on to share her childhood life with her visually impaired parents. Through experiencing different ups and downs, she realised how important perseverance was and that as long as we have hope, there would be a way. At the same time, she reminded Shungtakians to treasure the support and love from their families. Ms. Chu’s sharing was truly inspiring and a lesson we should act on.

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