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Development and Training of Volunteers

5J Jacky Lam, Donald Li Our school welcomed Ms. Sara Lai, a speaker from the Hong Kong Institute of Volunteers of the Agency for Volunteer Service, to speak to our Secondary 4 and 5 pupils on 23rd September about the development and training of the volunteers’ programme at their agency. Ms. Lai’s talk on the meaning of volunteering is very meaningful and thought-provoking. Through encouraging volunteerism in our daily lives and interacting with our students in fun activities and games, students learned so much more of what it is to volunteer. The promotion of the ‘4C Youth Volunteer Leadership Project,’ will assist students in focusing on their individual development as youth volunteer leaders. The programme would equip them by helping them not only to get a better understanding of themselves but also to understand the needs of their service targets and the general public. This is the ultimate goal of providing ‘Real Service’ to the society with volunteerism. As the MCs for this programme, we hope that we have facilitated the event well. We were first apprehensive, but after a few rehearsals, we felt confident and hope this showed. We look forward to all Shungtakians doing their part to give service to our community!

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