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Club Orientation Day 2023 2024

Club Orientation Day 2023-2024 During our Annual Club Orientation Day, students were given the exciting opportunity to choose which clubs they wanted to join. The enthusiasm of the clubs was on full display throughout the event. Before this big day and even with the Black Rainstorm Rain signal hoisted the week before putting some delay to our activities, our enthusiasm could not be dampened. In fact, even before the start of the school year, all the clubs had been diligently preparing for this special day, so we were prepared, no matter what happened! Some clubs, on the day, went the extra mile to promote their activities and attract students by dressing up as historical or cartoon figures, showcasing their creativity and adding an interesting touch to the event. Their hard work definitely made it all worthwhile, as it added an extra element to the event, All students had a fantastic time exploring different stalls and admiring the eye-catching designs. The smiles on the faces of our Shungtakians were a testament to the tremendous success of the event. We are grateful for the combined efforts of all the contributing parties and organizers who worked tirelessly to ensure the smooth running of the event.

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