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Club Orientaion Day

Students get to have the opportunity to choose what clubs to join in our Annual Club Orientation day. Throughout the activity, the enthusiasm of the clubs were put on full display. Even before the commencement of the school year, all the clubs have already been preparing for the event. Some clubs even tried to promote their activities and attract students to join their clubs by dressing up as a historical or cartoon figure, which was very creative and is definitely interesting to see. Their hard work had definitely paid off during the Orientation Day! All students had a blast visiting different stalls and admiring all their eye-catching designs. Looking at the smiley faces of our Shungtakians, it was definitely a huge success. Thanks to the combined effort of all contributing parties and organizers to help make this event smoothly run. However, their work will never stop there. Prepare yourselves for an adventure with lots of events prepared and designed by our student leaders!

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