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Closing Prayer Service 2023

By 1L Charmaine Yip On 14th July, my E&RE teacher, Mr. Mak, invited me to play the guitar for the choir in the Closing Prayer Service. During the rehearsal, Mr. Mak surprised me by allowing me and my classmate, Jonathan Wu to play Lord’s Prayer by ourselves. This was my first time playing the guitar in front of so many people, so I was both surprised and excited. As the Closing Prayer Service began and it was time for us to play Lord’s Prayer, my mouth became dry and my body shivered. I lost confidence and I thought I would fail. Mr. Mak noticed that I was anxious and thus he gave us encouragement, which helped me calm down and finish the mission. Overall, this was a great learning experience for me. I learned how to calm myself down and work in a team. It was my pleasure to serve God using my talent.

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