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Catso Camp 2023 by Deanery-Parish Youth Ministry Concern Group

by Lucas Liu (2P)

The Catso camp on the 11th of November gave me a chance to learn about how to be a good leader and bring me closer to Jesus. The camp was a joint venture and I felt proud to represent the school to join this activity with the students from other schools. The camp organised at the Sai Kung Outdoor Training Center was fun. On the first day, we played a lot of games geared to develop our leadership skills. There are two games that I will never forget.

The first game needed the players to walk, blindfolded across chairs. It was really scary as I could fall at any time, but the game was designed to trust myself and my friend. It was a team game to show us that we are never alone, and that we are stronger as a team. The second activity was a spider web game. Group members needed to hold ropes together to form a spider web. When we think the web is strong enough, one teammate will sit on the web for 5 seconds and the others need to pull the web up. At first, I think the activity is quite simple. But as the challenge started, my fingers experienced what great pain is.

All my fingers became purple. When I was about to give up, a group mate whose hand was black in color was my motivation. She did not give up though it was obvious that her pain was greater than the pain I was suffering. That’s the time I realized that when you think you are the unluckiest person, there will be someone else sacrificing themselves without letting us know — what our teachers and parents often do for us. The Catso Camp was a really fruitful activity. I met new friends, learned new skills, and most of all I felt I was brought closer to God.

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