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Caritas Bazaar at SSPP

Giving Back to Community Jackson Cao (3J)

In the first weekend of November, I was able to give back to my community of Yuen Long by joining the Caritas Bazaar, one of the signature fundraising events of Caritas, at the Ss. Peter and Paul Church in Yuen Long, the location of where our school was founded.

Before that day, we organized a collection at school and teachers and students contributed used items that they did not need any more. Some of these items were even brand new. At the Bazaar, we were able to sell these items for a low price. This means that items became useful again, and more than this we were doing our part to save the environment and to make people who bought them happy.

I was glad to make a difference as I gave back to my community. I was also able to put my God-given talent of inviting people and persuading them to join the event. I am grateful to have been given the chance to use my strength and also to learn new skills.

I am also really proud that our stall raised the highest sum of money. Our school raised a total of $6609.50 for Caritas. But I also learnt that the objectives of the Bazaar is not to simply raise funds but it also aims to promote partnerships with the Church, the Catholic schools and the community to show family spirit.

I personally enjoyed being together with my friends , meeting new ones and the challenge of trying to get more money raised. I am very grateful that I could help people through my actions.

If you did not take the chance to give back to the community yet, take the next one available! The greatest reward is the satisfaction and happiness you feel that comes from knowing you have made a difference.

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