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Art Exhibition cum Awards

We Draw Drawing Competition and Poetry Remake Competition organized by the EDB gave our students the opportunity to put their skills to the test. Shungtakians, Sophia Kwok from 5J and Alice Chan from 5P walked away with the Commendable Award in the Senior Secondary Division of We Learn · We Draw Drawing Competition. For the Poetry Remake Competition, Sophia Leung from 3L and Rainbow So from 5L have also won the Outstanding Awards in the Junior and Senior Secondary Division respectively. The Competition have given the chance to students to show not their knowledge and abilities in painting, but they were also able to display their passion for figure sketching, botanical art and even an understanding of English Poetry. Various research about the theme have been carried out together with the development of the skills of drawing plants and flowers to present the beauty of nature. There was also a chance to study the two authors of the poems ‘Mother and Child’ and ‘Vanilla in the Stars’ to find out their personal background and artist work statement. The opportunity to participate in the competitions were indeed an honour as it offered participants the chance to broaden their horizons and show appreciation of all artworks on display. With the Principal Dr Tang and the Visual Arts Teacher, Ms Chong, accompanying students to the prize presentation ceremony, awards were received with a great sense of gratitude!

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