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Rosary Making Workshop and Gathering

By 3L Quintus Law October is the Month of Rosary, which is in honour of our Blessed Virgin Mary, the Mother of Christ. The praying of the rosary is in gratitude to Mary for the protection that she gives the Church and to each one of us. The Catholic Society held a rosary making workshop and a rosary gathering on 17th and 18th of October so that we can join together in the saying of the rosary. In the Rosary making workshop, we led our Shungtakians to make a Rosary, which was a fun, interesting and memorable experience. During the workshop, with beads which are not easy to “control” as they kept “escaping” from our hands, we had to be patient. At the end, we achieved our goal, and we were able to make a bracelet-type rosary to use in this month dedicated to our Heavenly Mother. In the Rosary Gathering organised by the Catholic Society during lunchtime, we prayed using our new rosary for peace, and especially for the people suffering in the Israel-Hamas war. Both workshop and gathering brought our group together for a good cause. We shall continue to pray for those in need particularly in this month dedicated to the praying of the rosary.

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