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復活節長者聚餐 2023

By 2L Daisy Liu On the 16th of April, our school volunteer team, Permeance, along with other Shungtakians, set off to our sister school, Yuen Long Catholic Secondary School, to help serve lunch to the elderly who were participating in an Easter lunch service. On the day of the event, our team set up tables for the elderly, ensuring they were clean before we seated our elderly. We wanted our guests to be comfortable while eating. The lunch event began with a performance, which the elderly enjoyed from their tables. It was heart-warming to see the elderly smile and clap as they joined in for the performance of the song ‘The Flower Princess’. After the performance, we grouped together as a team to serve lunch. During lunch, the atmosphere was lively as our guests enjoyed their meal as they chatted with each other. The meal was followed by a lucky draw which they were thrilled to participate in. The small prizes were a bonus. At the end of the event, each one of our guests were gifted a bag of rice and noodles. Their smiles were heart-warming, and our hearts were filled with joy as we were all so happy to have volunteered in such a meaningful event.

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