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Yuen Long Vibes Mark of Day x Night Vibes

Acappella Team

3P Nicole Tjhin

On 1st March, nine of our A cappella team ‘Detonate’ members had the great opportunity to perform in ‘Yuen Long Vibes Mark of Day x Night Vibes.’ This experience was exciting as it was the first time for many members to perform in front of such a large audience.

The message of the day was ‘Chase our Dreams’ and we delivered the message with ‘Counting Stars by OneRepublic’ which is to remind us of efforts needed for a successful completion. Our performance was very well-received bringing tons of applause. A great reward for us and one that reminds is that we need to keep on practising. We are proud to be sharing our talents with our voices.

The Marching Band

4L Andy Huang

On 1st March, our Marching Band Hunters joined the ‘Yuen Long Vibes Mark of Day x Night Vibes’ with a beats and rhythm created by our drumsticks — one that created a powerful cadence.

The training practices and the performance that day, showed the effort exerted by band members. We had the ability to show the cadences that are so important to make a band stand out as it shows how unified the band is. Bringing together the snare drums, tenor drums, cymbals, and bass drums, were surely a test, one that the Hunters prepared hard for. Being a member of the Hunters is rewarding especially when we see what joy we can bring.

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