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Visiting St Teresa’s Church and Maryknoll Convent School

By Yoyo Shin On 5th July 2023, I joined a pilgrimage through which I was able to enrich my knowledge of the architectural features of Hong Kong Catholic churches and learn more about a religious Catholic all-girls school. The visit began with St. Teresa’s Church. As we walked in, we noticed an eclectic mixture of both Western and traditional Chinese architectural styles. We were in awe of the sculptures of Mary and Jesus which emulated that atmosphere of faith, love and truth. The staff members were also kind to share their knowledge of the bible, which deepened our understanding of Catholicism. Our next destination for the day was Maryknoll Convent School. We were excited to join their annual fun fair and find out more about their unique activities. When we arrived at their beautiful school campus, we felt like we were no longer in Hong Kong but in a high school overseas with a sprawling campus surrounded by trees but in the middle of a city. Not only was the environment pleasant, but the students also were enthusiastic and hospitable. We certainly broadened our horizons. Getting out and about can certainly give us experiences of the world that would last a lifetime.

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