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The International New Energy Challenge

Shung Tak and the International New Energy Challenge

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it has been quite some time since STC had the opportunity to host foreign guests. The International Clean Energy Challenge changed this as it brought with it a remarkable chance to welcome esteemed guests from Melbourne, Australia. Ms. Helene Hiotis from Bentleigh Secondary College, Ms. Tracey Bastin from Mordialloc College, Ms. Colleen Cochrane from Macleod College, Ms. Belinda Wong from the Department of Education Melbourne, and Mr. Daniel Farrant from Gippsland Tech School joined us on Friday 3rd May.

This rare occasion allowed our students and teachers to expand their international perspectives. During the exchange, we engaged in discussions about the development of STEAM education in both Hong Kong and Australia. Additionally, we proudly showcased our newly established STEM Coding Space, STEM Maker Room, and various other STEM teaching equipment. Mr. Daniel Farrant from Gippsland Tech School, the leader of the International Clean Energy Challenge, the project we are participating in with students in Melbourne, kicked off the programme with a workshop on the Design Thinking Process for our students who would be on this project.

This exchange has played a significant role in advancing STEM education at STC. We are immensely grateful for this invaluable opportunity and shall be keeping you all posted with the development on this webpage so do stay tune. We are confident that this and other international exchange activities will continue to foster growth and learning among our students and teachers.

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