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STC Carnival 2024

The Interim Exam has come to a close!

The Guidance Team had a spectacular plan to help Shungtakians relieve stress. A joyful event—the STC Carnival was held at the Covered Playground, during lunchtime on 24th, 25th and 26th January 2024. Let me tell you, this Carnival was no ordinary affair. There were vibrant game booths and lively stalls that had the Shungtakians positively buzzing with excitement. They tried their best to play the games, cheered for their friends and took snapshots with their buddies. And guess what? Some lucky Shungtakians even snagged themselves prizes like cuddly animal stuffed toys, mouthwatering snacks, and a whole bag of other awesome surprises! But you know what made this Carnival truly special?

It was the chance for both students and teachers to finally let their hair down and blow off some steam after the nerve-wracking Interim Exam. There’s something magical about coming together, isn’t it? Don’t miss out on the photo gallery! Take a look and see how fun this Carnival was!

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