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Side By Side Mock Trial Competition Final Round

Mock Trials – The Finals A Memorable Experience by 2L Cheryl Lam

The victory of our final match on April 20th marked the triumphant end of an unforgettable Mock Trial Team 2023-2024 season. Throughout this competition, each of us gained invaluable knowledge, making it a truly remarkable experience for all involved. Initially, as the youngest member in both the team and the courtroom, I faced uncertainties about joining. However, I was fortunate to encounter supportive and helpful seniors who guided me along the way, instilling in me confidence to participate in various competitions. The courtroom, with its atmosphere laden with unknowns, presented us with multiple challenges during the match, and despite our thorough preparation, we continued to face challenges. Adapting our approach to questioning witnesses and deftly handling objections became necessary. Nonetheless, we remained resilient as a team, facing these challenges head-on, making our triumph even a sweeter one. Heartfelt gratitude to the coaches, barristers, judges, and teachers who played pivotal roles in our final match.

They not only imparted their extensive knowledge of law but also emphasized the importance of embracing the learning curve in competitions and venturing beyond our comfort zones. Gratitude also to my teammates, whose unwavering support and camaraderie taught me the true essence of teamwork and believing in oneself. Without their presence, we would not have overcome the numerous challenges we faced. A very loud and sincere shout-out must be given to our coach, alumnus Gordon, who dedicated a significant amount of time preparing us for various mock trial competitions. Despite it being only my second match since joining the team, he entrusted me with the valuable opportunity to represent the team in our final match this year. I am immensely grateful for this chance and the invaluable experience of serving as a barrister. Being a part of the Mock Trial team enabled us to strive for excellence and transcend our limitations.

I am genuinely grateful for the opportunity to have been a member of this exceptional team, and I eagerly look forward to exploring the intricacies of the legal system in future competitions. Remember, it is never too young to dream big. Do not wait for opportunities to come to you; seize them with determination and create them for yourself. If you yearn to venture beyond the confines of the classroom and challenge yourself, do not hesitate—embrace the opportunity immediately. By doing so, I am confident that you will acquire unforgettable experiences that will profoundly shape your life.

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