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Shenzhen Smart Education and Further Education Study Tour for Principals

On 6th December, 30 principals from the Hong Kong Catholic Diocesan Schools paid a day visit to Shenzhen to explore the most recent development of smart education and further education in China.

The first company visited was BYD (Build Your Dreams).  The company has made significant contributions to China’s development, particularly in the areas of electric vehicles, energy storage, solar power, monorail systems, and energy efficiency. The company’s innovative technologies and commitment to sustainable living have played a vital role in driving China’s transition towards a greener and more sustainable future. The company also established technical schools and collaborated with universities in research studies.  It educates the public about the importance of sustainable practices, renewable energy, and the benefits of electric vehicles through organising public educational campaigns.  Since making schools greener in Hong Kong is a hot issue, the visit has enlightened principals on how to foster sustainable practices and environmental awareness among students.

It was an eye-opening experience to visit UBTECH Robotics Corp Ltd.  The company specialises in the development of educational robots, promotion of STEAM and coding education, utilisation of AI and machine learning, and collaboration with educational institutions. By leveraging robotics and technology, UBTECH aims to enhance students’ learning outcomes, cultivate their critical skills, and prepare them for the challenges and opportunities of the future. UBTECH also collaborates with educational institutions to develop robotics curricula, training programmes, and L&T resources. Schools in Hong Kong can definitely work closely with UBTECH to facilitate the integration of robotics and technology into the classroom, supporting the transformation of education in the digital age.

While people are discussing the importance of artificial intelligence (AI) and big data analytics, the visit to Intellifusion might give educators hints of their development in school.  Intellifusion specialises in AI applications in the fields of security, transportation, and finance. All these applications are themselves solutions to some real-life issues we are facing.

The Intelligent Tutoring Systems and the big data analytics can analyse individual students’ learning performance, adapt instructional content to their specific needs, and provide personalised feedback and guidance. The big data analytics analyses students’ learning pattern and identifies areas of improvement.   This is of great use to address to the diverse educational needs of students in Hong Kong.

As educators are planning how to implement STEAM education into the school curriculum, establishing partnerships with BYD, UBTECH, and Intellifusion might enhance student learning experiences and facilitate the future development of technology in schools.

Dr Cecilia Tang

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