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Service learning at Tin Shui Wai Catholic Primary School

The two-day leadership service at Tin Shui Wai Catholic Primary School was a valuable experience for us to give back to the society and develop our leadership and planning skills. On both days, to provide a leadership training session for the primary school prefects, we held three games, namely the Claw Machine, Poker Matching and Lego Game.

With the aim of helping them develop leadership and communication skills, it was rewarding to witness how they engaged in the games and how they opened up to their teammates as they progressed further into the games. Their enthusiasm towards the activities led to their quick success in completing the games, which in turn fueled ours. After the first session, we put our heads together and pointed out areas to improve. We made adjustments to the difficulty level of the games and discussed how we could be more inclusive when it came to catering for participants’ needs. With the reflections and adjustments made, the second session proved to be a greater success, which the young leaders enjoyed even more! To serve often means receiving something intangible in return. In the process of giving back, we were honing our talents and generic skills, laying a solid foundation for our personal growth in our leadership journey.

On top of that, the great time we shared with the primary school prefects was truly a blessing, which made us all look forward to more opportunities as such.

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