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School tour for students from Maryknoll Convent School

By 4J Christy Tsang On September 15th, we had the honour of welcoming a group of students from Maryknoll Convent School (Secondary Section). To show our hospitality, we have organized a brief school tour for them to know more about our school. This was a great opportunity for us to interact with students from Maryknoll Convent School and therefore we prepared some activities for their visit. Before the school tour, the visitors were invited to our chapel and given a brief introduction to the history of Shung Tak and the religious atmosphere. Afterwards, the Catholic Society executives guided them on a tour of the school. The tour began with the stained glass windows in the lift lobby, followed by the mural of The Eight Beatitudes, the Marian shrine, and more. The visitors shared that they were impressed by the creativity and installation of the art works. After the school tour, we gathered around in the Chapel for a group reflection session. Many of the visitors shared with us that the murals in the chapel and playground caught their attention as it proves that Catholicism can be aesthetically pleasing too. This meaningful activity gave us a precious lesson. We never realised that preparing a school tour and presenting in front of other visitors could be this challenging, yet our sense of teamwork has been developed and this experience has become a cherished memory for our team. Nevertheless, all of us received the messages of love that were brought by Jesus and His sacrifice. Overall speaking, this activity not only provided us with a valuable lesson, but it also created an unforgettable memory in our hearts.

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