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S6 Thanksgiving Prayer Service

The Sky Ahead of Us

By 6P Sherman Cheung

“We are time’s subjects, and time bids be gone.” Our time at STC is coming to an end and as we break for the preparation for our exams that would pave the way for our future, we remember our STC days. On this day, the 2nd of February, we gathered in the School Hall, singing the school song for the last time as a S6 student. The Service granted us a chance to spend time with God. We know He will give us power and strength to face obstacles. The special “Form Six session” reminds us of all the laughter and tears we experienced together. From simple slideshows to touching speeches given by each class representative, the bondings and relationships between each of us will not be washed away by time.

We will always keep the STC memories alive. As we gradually step towards the next chapter in our lives, we still continue holding on to all of the pleasant and glorious memories made in these years. Surely, we created unique memories together and were well-prepared in our second home, Shung Tak. Thank you Shung Tak. To the class of 2024, may you pursue your dreams, and continue to not only chase your dreams but to also make them a reality.

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