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S.5 Social Experiential Workshop

Walking in their shoes – Social Experience Workshop By 5M Kalif Lau

S5 students opened their world at World Vision in a simulation of the Syrian Civil War. It was a time to really put ourselves into those who are living through a war. At the site, students roleplayed refugees of Syria and had to work out a way to escape. The simulation involved different scenarios and storylines that could change their lives. My task was a helper to assist my team to finish the tasks and challenges. After this session and experience, I was able with Syrians who had to travel a long distance to Europe to escape. It was also a good time for reflection as we all realised how fortunate we are in Hong Kong not to have to worry about wars or other natural hazards. We need to do our part, no matter how small, for the people facing difficulties and hardships. A small donation or even simple volunteer work can help. Let’s make the world a better place, one full of love and care.

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