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Rite of Acceptance

by 4J Ceci Wong

Counting down the days for us to become catechumens. The day —- 26th of January. After months of exploring the Catholic faith through Catechism Class, eleven of us had the privilege of experiencing a profound and transformative moment—the Rite of Acceptance. This sacred ceremony marked a significant milestone in our spiritual journey and provided us with a deeper understanding of our faith. During the Rite of Acceptance, we had the chance to declare our determination and show our willingness to accept God’s love and follow God’s principles along with other Catholic witnesses of our school.

The sacred prayers demonstrated that we will uphold our faith, even in future days and is as important as keeping an oath. Attending the Rite of Acceptance in our school chapel was a sacred experience for me, and I feel that it has bestowed upon each of us a sense of belonging to the Catholic community, as well as to God. I believe that this remarkable milestone will fill us with faith and grace. More importantly, we will be guided to an upright path in the future and beyond!

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