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PolyU x NuttyShell Cybersecurity CTF 2024

Four of our school’s talented STEM ambassadors showcased their skills and knowledge as they participated in the highly anticipated cybersecurity CTF competition, organized jointly by PolyU and NuttyShell.

Over the course of two intense days, they faced huge challenges and demonstrated their expertise in the field. Their exceptional performance led them to secure an impressive third place out of 59 competing teams in secondary category. The prize presentation ceremony was a momentous occasion, graced by esteemed professors and renowned tech leaders from Hong Kong’s industry.

The students had the invaluable opportunity to learn from these experts, who shared their insights and experiences. This enriching experience further nurtured their passion for cybersecurity and provided them with a deeper understanding of this ever-evolving field. Our school takes great pride in the achievements of our STEM ambassadors and commends their dedication and hard work.

We are confident that this experience will continue to inspire them as they pursue their academic and professional endeavors in the realm of cybersecurity.

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