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Out and About – Visit to Our Sister School

Jerry Tse

On a sunny Tuesday morning, we, 5M students, began our journey to our sister school, the Shenzhen Nanshan Foreign Language School. We were the pioneers, the first group of students to have exchange activities with our sister school, an honour indeed.

We were met at the border by a smiling enthusiastic staff member who accompanied us to the coach which was ready and waiting to take us to the sister school, a short bus ride away. Upon our arrival, we were received at the gate of the school with a very warm welcome. After putting our things down in a huge conference room set aside for us, we had a school tour which was mind boggling. It was the first time for most of us to actually visit a school on the Mainland and we were absolutely amazed and fascinated by the size of the campus and the facilities they provided. They even had a footbridge across a major road to the next side where we discovered more sporting facilities. The teachers who accompanied us were very friendly and so warm as they introduced the campus. We returned to the Conference Room where the teacher-in-charge and the Vice-Principal shared the history of the school, and the rundown of the day to us.

The tour was followed by English, Music and STEM lessons with the students from the International Class.

The English lesson was a really good starter and icebreaker. During the lesson, we learnt some recipes and practised our English-speaking skills following the syllabus for IELTS. The topic was ‘Becoming a Chef’, and we heard presentations from both 5M and the International class students, including me. I never expected that my name will be called by the teacher to give an impromptu presentation to the whole class. Thank God it went well and it was smooth so I didn’t embarrass myself or my school. Moreover, as the class required us to work in groups, we had the chance get familiar with each other and make new friends!

The English class was followed by the music class which was a trek down to the basement level of their school. As I entered the room, I was amazed —- the teacher was dressed in the costume of one of the ethnic minority tribes welcoming us, with Chinese folk songs playing.  How fascinating and interesting that was! We also got the chance to try dancing to different folk songs of different tribes. A truly interactive style of teaching. We had a great time learning about ethnic minorities’ cultures.

After the lunch break, we began our last lesson with the international class, our buddies for the day. We had the STEM &3D design lesson taught by the class teacher of the International class. During the lesson, we learnt to use a tool we’ve never seen or heard of before, SolidWorks, to make multiple 3D models. With the teacher’s explanation and the classmates’ help, all of us were able to create the 3D models required. We certainly had fun trying different functions of the software.

I guess for me as a student, what was the most unforgettable was playing multiple matches of basketball with the classmates from the international class. We had a quick lunch, went to their dormitory, grabbed a basketball, and ran to the court. We were competing, sweating, chatting just like old friends or schoolmates, I genuinely wish it could last longer. But just imagine students from two different schools who had just met for the first time, can they already be like old friends? How crazy was that? But that’s what being a child, a teen should be, shouldn’t it?

When you are having a good time, time really always flies. It ended too fast with the group photo taking session near the front gate of the campus. We exchanged contacts and souvenirs, promised each other that we would come back in the future. And very soon, it would be our turn to host, and we shall be seeing them again!

‘One, two, three, smile!’ The sound of the camera marked and kept the friendship and good memories of the day. Although it was time to say goodbye, it was not really goodbye at all, because we all knew that we would meet very soon in the near future.

5M  王丹宜 陶樂然



和國際班同學一起上的第一節課是英文課。課程主題’ Becoming a chef ‘選取了生活化的題材,以小組方式和國際班同學在和諧輕鬆的氛圍下一起討論,不僅鍛煉了英語會話能力,也借此機會讓彼此熟絡。




A very sincere thank you to our new friends and the staff of our sister school.

Our deepest  gratitude especially to Vice-Principal Wang Liying,

Director Hu Xunyun,

English teacher Wang Kexuan, Music Teacher Zhao Lepei,

Artificial Intelligence 3D Modelling teacher Pang Yu,

and English Teacher Chen Xuan.

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