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Matteo Ricci The Musical 2024

Matteo Ricci The Musical 2024 Charmaine Yip (2M)

April 25th was a special day for me. One I had looked forward to for it was the day we headed after school to the Hong Kong Cultural Centre to watch ‘Matteo Ricci: The Musical’. The day we visited was the third time that the show was performed in the theatre. The musical tells the amazing story of Matteo Ricci, an Italian priest who had a deep love for the people and cultures of China. In order to share God’s love with people in China, he tried hard to overcome all obstacles and fight for acceptance in China, and as we know today, he the Jesuit missionary was instrumental in introducing Christianity to the Ming Dynasty. His ultimate dream to meet the Wanli Emperor and spread Christianity throughout the lands of China was realised. As a Christian, this musical has made me think about how I share my faith. Previously, I often think about questions such as: How many people have I invited to learn about my religion? How many souls have I influenced with God’s love? However, Matteo Ricci have helped me realize that the number of people who attend church or convert to Christianity because of my efforts is not the sole measure of my impact.

Instead, I have come to understand that my role is to plant the seeds of faith in people’s hearts, knowing that one day, someone else may see the results. This realization has left a big impression on me. The musical also made me reflect on Matteo Ricci’s determination. He dedicated so many years to learn about Chinese culture before he started to share his beliefs. This taught me that it’s important to know and understand a person before sharing my own faith. The musical itself was great. The music, acting, and all the little details were amazing. The story was interesting, and it touched my heart. I hope that if you have the chance, go to see t ‘Matteo Ricci: The Musical’.

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