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Discovering Madame Song: Art, Fashion, and Cultural Influence

4M Yoshi Law

On the 26th of January, us VA students from Form 4-5, alongside a few junior form students, had the honor of visiting the M+ museum to see the art exhibition “Madame Song: Pioneering Art and Fashion in China” (宋懷桂:藝術先鋒與時尚教母). “Madame Song: Pioneering Art and Fashion in China”, was a special exhibition which allowed us to learn about the famous and iconic artist and fashion designer named Song Huai-Kuei. Not only were her fabulous designs displayed, but various information boards were also put up for visitors to read about Madame Song’s pursuits, her artistic practices, and her influence on Chinese fashion culture. After visiting the museum and experiencing this exhibition, I have gained a deeper understanding of how people can transform their dreams and whatever their imagination can conjure into reality through hard work and determination. Madame Song provided me with a great deal of inspiration.

Her artworks and clothing designs were also stunning and captivating to behold. It was a truly fascinating experience, and I had the opportunity to view many interesting artworks. In addition to learning about art at this exhibition, I also cherish the time spent with my friends during this trip, which is why I thoroughly enjoyed my visit. It was a delightful experience indeed, and I eagerly look forward to future VA trips.

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