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Leadership Training Camp

Our Road to becoming Leaders

3L Sophie Zhuang

The 2-day leadership training programme on February 15th and 16th was not just a fun camping trip, but also gave us a chance to develop important leadership skills and build strong bonds with our teammates. The first day began with a wild cooking activity, where we had to work together to prepare our own dinner. With effective communication and division of work, we were able to produce scrumptious dishes within a limited time. As the night fell, we embarked on a hiking journey. It was a thrilling experience to navigate through the dark environment using only flashlights and with the efforts of all, we finally reached the top of Tai Mo Shan. It was extremely exhausting for all since we also had to deal with our backpacks which were even bigger than us but we did it!

Admiring the spectacular night view of Hong Kong, we certainly can say it was worthwhile. The second day was packed with adrenaline-fueled activities. We started off with rock-climbing, an activity that required us to trust our teammates as we encouraged them on. It was a true test of leadership skills as we guided and motivated our team members to reach the top safely. Although some of us couldn’t, the most important was that each person tried their best. Next up was the high-altitude ropes course, where we had to conquer our fear of heights and help our team members do the same. The challenges were physically and mentally demanding, but we pushed through as a team, encouraging and supporting each other along the way. Reflecting on the 2-day camping trip, we can confidently say that it was a transformative experience. The activities we participated in were not just fun and adventurous, but also taught us important leadership skills and values.

Throughout these activities, we learned the importance of teamwork, communication, trust, adaptability, and determination. We were also able to push ourselves out of our comfort zones and discover our strengths and weaknesses. The trip was also a great opportunity to bond with our peers and build lasting relationships. This event has taken us one step closer to becoming excellent leaders. We hope we all can become an outstanding leader one day, who can serve others but not to be served.

3J Gabrielle Wong

Before I took my first step in this journey, I was very nervous since I knew that expectations were high and I had great examples of leadership to live up to. Leadership, in fact is something that is strongly emphasized at school. The day started with thoughts like, ‘Will I be able to get along with others?’ ‘Will I have the chance to unleash my abilities?’ But it turned out that I was overthinking! Throughout the camp, as we hiked in the mountains, carried our loads, and cooked our own meals, we were fine as we had each other. There is a saying that secondary school is the most important period in life, and I have to admit that it’s true!

I know now that school is not just about the exams and getting ready for the challenge of the HKDSE, but it is about learning other skills through participating in activities. It was a time to really see what my abilities are, to discover our true self and to meet new friends I can rely on. As the saying has it “If you want to go fast, go alone; if you want to go far, go together.

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