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Founders Day 2023


“By Harvey Wong”

‘It’s a time of joy, a time of peace A time when hearts are then set free A time to heal the wounds of division It’s a time of grace, a time of hope A time of sharing the gifts we have A time to build the world that is one … it’s the time of the Great Jubilee’ And it is with this hymn, that angelic voices of Shungtakians filled the school Hall on the morn of 28th November 2023.

The Hall resonated with the voices of our Shung Tak family, united in the celebration of a momentous milestone – Founders Day cum 65th Anniversary Kick-Off Ceremony. In God’s loving care and blessings, our esteemed Shung Tak family has gracefully reached its 65th birthday —– and we stand together in gratitude. The “Jubilee” is a time of rejoicing, and we are proud to be blowing the trumpet and announcing this great day, STC’s 65th Birthday through a Prayer Service of Thanksgiving. As we reflected on the school’s rich history, we see Shung Tak emerging bigger and better.

It has been a journey with loads of challenges but even more triumphs, growth, and successes. It is the collective efforts of each member of our community, especially our founders and predecessors, that have brought Shung Tak to its current position with pride and accomplishment. We are proud of being a Catholic school, and each one of us here in this family must be reminded of the blessings that have been bestowed on us. Whole-heartedly, we show our boundless gratitude to the Almighty, who has also bestowed upon us the strength to overcome every obstacle. Guided by His divine power, we weathered the storms and now stand witness to this day. In celebration of this special occasion, Father Li, our school supervisor, presided over the Service in which he also consecrated the mural of The Beatitudes, an artwork of our present Secondary 6 students and staff. This artwork serves as a testament to the spirit of all Shungtakians. The Beatitudes is a reminder of the teachings of Christ — and also a reminder for us to use this as a guide in our daily lives. We need to pass on the gospel through our actions. By consistently choosing goodness and righteousness, we aspire to share His blessings and discover true inner peace.

“Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven. Thus, they persecuted the prophets who were before you.” (Matthew 5:12) Blessings await those who grasp the essence of the Beatitudes. Shungtakians, let’s use the power bestowed upon us by God to spread love! May God continue to accompany us on our journey, allowing the radiant spirit of Shungtakians to shine through their work, ultimately enjoying the embrace of your loving kindness! Happy Birthday to Shung Tak. May God’s blessings be with us all!

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