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Forging New Bonds Sister School Partnership with Beijing National Day School-JinYuan

5 July 2024 is a milestone as our school Shung Tak signed the partnership contract with Beijing National Day School-JinYuan. This collaboration marks a significant step in the building of bonds with schools on the Mainland — an opportunity for all of us to learn and to grow.

Representatives of STC, Ms Brenda Lee, Mr Louis Kwan, and Ms Aubrey Kwan were warmly welcomed at the foyer of the school by Principal Zhao and senior teacher, Mr Yang.  Principal Zhao then personally led a school tour visiting different parts of the school, providing in-depth and valuable insights into the school’s operations and culture.

Stepping into the school, we were immediately captivated by the work of students and how ‘student based’ they are in their schooling — many of the students’ ideas are presented as major goals of the school. The vibrant colors and intricate designs of the works of the students around the school showcase their creative talents. The large inviting swimming pool certainly beckoned us and would surely captivate the interest of our own swimmers.  In addition to separate rooms for drama, music, art, sewing, and even more, what next fascinated us was atop the school – a rooftop garden!  A magnificent one, with not only fragrant flowers but also one brimming with fresh produce including the tantalizing tomatoes that were plucked for us and savored before we moved on to the next programme.

In her welcoming speech, Principal Zhao expressed her joy at meeting face-to-face, emphasising the importance of personal connections and how much more meaningful it is to establish such partnerships in person rather than online. Her heartfelt words underscored the significance of our collaboration and the potential for deeper, more impactful exchanges.

After our Vice-Principal’s Ms Lee sharing on the collaboration and partnership with Jin Yuan, and what a pleasure it is for her to be on their campus and to meet educators with such deep passion and love for the students and school, Ms Zhang, Dean of the Curriculum Research Institute, provided valuable insights into the school’s curriculum development.

After the signing of the partnership documents, we had the pleasure of participating in their Grade 8 Water Festival, which allowed us to engage with the students and immerse ourselves in their vibrant school culture.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Beijing National Day School-JinYuan for their generous hospitality, and we very much look forward to numerous future exchange opportunities and to give them a taste of our Shungtakian hospitality when they visit us here in Hong Kong.

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