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Easter Prayer Service

By 4P Sienna Chan

At our Easter Prayer Service 2024, Fr. Fung, our guest, shared his experience, using pictorial help, of volunteering in the district of Yau Tsim Mong. The work includes distributing food to the poor and providing housing for street-sleepers of the area.

Father Fung shared the challenges and how he helped the people of the area overcome difficulties which sometimes ended up with problems as sometimes there was not enough to share. In these situations, Fr. Fung and the volunteers, instead of being discouraged, showed empathy for these people.

Easter is the time for all Christians to remember the sacrifice that Jesus made for us when He died for our sins. This serves also as a reminder to us to do our part for the community in which we live and to give in any way we can. Fr Fung and his community of helpers in this area are a reminder for us.

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