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Easter Celebration with elderly in Ss. Peter and Paul Church

The Power of Unity in Volunteer Service

On April 6, we went to Yuen Long Ss. Peter and Paul Church to serve lunch to the elderly. On that day, we helped prepare the venue, distribute food to them, and clean up after the meals. During the venue preparation, we learned an important lesson: unity is strength. To lay out the tablecloth properly, we needed four people to cooperate. This task truly tested our unity. It was a valuable lesson that taught us the power of working together. Participating in this activity was meaningful for us. It aligned with the theme of March, which was “Serve but not to be served.” Serving others brings many benefits, such as happiness.

I felt happy and satisfied when I saw the smiling faces of the elderly. While we distributed food to them, they repeatedly expressed their gratitude by saying “Thank you.” Hearing those words made me glad. Additionally, participating in this service helped build my confidence. I realized that doing volunteer work can make us more confident. Engaging in volunteer work is an integral part of our lives. We should strive to do more volunteer work in our free time. It provides valuable training and learning experiences that can help us become more outgoing and active.

By 2J Yubi Tam

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