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Christmas Carolling at Tuen Mun Hospital

By 5M Kalif Lau

On December 16th, our school joined Christmas Carols for the Sick organized by the Tuen Mun Hospital Catholic Pastoral Care Unit.

We visited patients in the wards as we praised our Lord in song. It was a merry atmosphere with some patients even joining in praise. On the day we joined the “Infection Prevention Course” arranged by the hospital to learn about hygiene before our visit to the wards. After that, we were divided into different groups with students from other schools. We began sharing good cheers in the lobby area before proceeding to the 10th floor and the 8th floor in the hospital.

These are the elderly’s and children’s wards. As we were singing hymns to the children, I could see that they were smiling at us and were happy with our presence and this melted my heart and any fear I had. I felt touched that we could make them happy and give them warmth this Christmas. I had a sense of accomplishment after the children sang along. This experience also reminded me of the importance of family and the need for me to spend more time with them. Simple greetings and words to family and friends can already show your love and care.

We all know that “Christmas is a time to love,” but it is important to also show our love to others in our daily lives. Spread the joy as we embark on the new year of 2024.

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