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65th Anniversary STChallenge

The annual STChallenge was held in the beautiful morning of 2 December 2023.

The day saw Primary 6 students – working in small teams led by Shungtakian helpers – take on a series of exhilarating challenges. With different academic departments and clubs involved, the event has provided the young participants with a wider spectrum of experiences to help them get a taste of what learning is like in an EMI secondary school – particularly in a fun-packed one like Shung Tak!

Over 200 primary school students joined in the fun. We started with a few warm-up activities in the School Hall followed by a treasure hunt featuring all the different creative games designed by our teachers and students. Of course, there were lots of prizes too! All our young visitors responded very positively except for one thing – the event was too short! They hoped to stay and play longer because the games were simply awesome!

Special thanks should go to all the teachers, our PTA helpers, the 177 student helpers, and all the others who have contributed to the event. It’s simply awesome to witness everyone joining hands in creating a wonderful morning with great joy and laughter!

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